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Gender Reveal Party 3 Pack of Games

BRAND: Baby Showered UK

MANUFACTURER:  Leanian Enterprises Ltd



This 3 pack of Gender Reveal Party Games has been specifically designed to create fun and laughter at gender reveal parties for all your family and friends.  With 3 fantastic games (see more info below) and winner prize rosettes these games will surely keep your guests entertained.  Two of the games are presented on A2 supreme size posters which make ideal Gender Reveal Party decorations.  Although specifically designed for Gender Reveals there is no reason why these games cannot be played at a baby shower, especially if Male guests are attending.


GAME 1 – GENDER PREDICTION - The Gender Prediction Game is presented on a Large A2 sized Poster, guests must guess the gender of the baby by choosing either a boy or girl sticker, writing their names on space provided on the individual stickers which avoids unwanted confusion.  Once decided each guest sticks their sticker to the stork poster and awaits the result of the gender at the end of the party.  20 boy stickers, and 20 girl stickers are provided, enough for 20 players/teams


GAME 2 – PARENTS REVEALED - Before the party starts the parents answer the questions on the instruction / answer sheet provided.  We have included a variety of questions in 3 categories: The Mummy, The Daddy and The Parents.  The questions provide fun humour and laughter as guests compete to know the Parents best (winner rosette provided).  20 Sheets are provided for 20 players/teams to complete.  This game is sure to kick start your Gender Reveal Party.

GAME 3 – ULTRASOUND GAME - Included on this game poster are 10 ultrasound images which players have to identify what is shown on the images, along with 6 trivia questions relating to ultrasounds.  They complete their answers on the 20 x answer sheets provided for 20 players/teams.  The winning Sonographer is presented with the winners rosette prize.


Gender Prediction Game – A2 Poster, 20 boy stickers, 20 girl stickers | Parents Revealed Game – 20 A5 answer sheets plus answer sheet located on the A4 instruction sheet for the parents to write their answers | Ultrasound Game – A2 Poster, 20 A5 answer sheets | 2 x Winner Rossette Prize – 1 x Parents Revealed Rossette / 1 x Ultrasound Game Rossette | Full Instructions for all games | Please note the answer sheets for the parents revealed game and the ultrasound game are printed on the same double-sided sheet.

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